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Dr. Michael Ho started his company over 30 years ago. Previously, he worked at NASA and graduated in acupuncture and physiotherapy. In his practice in Toronto, Canada, he found that many patients had the same pain symptoms and benefited from repeated massages. This gave him the idea to develop a massage device with which they could undergo the massage at home at a time that suited them. Dr. Ho notes that they not only benefited greatly from his massage device, but at the same time saved considerable medical costs after which he decided to develop more products. In 2019, Dr. Ho has sold more than 4 million devices in Canada. His products are sold in more than 40 countries and he has his own factories in China where he is involved in the production process for 6 months a year, to ensure the highest quality. He demonstrates his TENS devices in more than 100 live shows per year on all major television channels in China, America and Mexico, among others.

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