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Homeshopping / DRTV

Tommy Teleshopping is the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium of homeshopping via television (DRTV). Tommy Teleshopping surprises the consumers daily with innovative and original articles via infomercials on TV and diverse online campaigns.

Tommy Teleshopping is roughly airing around 200 hours weekly via television, hereby creating a huge operating range. In the Netherlands Tommy Teleshopping is to be seen on the commercial tv channels from RTL, SBS, Net5, ONS, OUTTV, Discovery and TLC. In Belgium Tommy Teleshopping is to be seen on the tv channels Vier, Vijf, Zes and Zeven. In addition, Tommy Teleshopping is aired 24/7 on their own digital tv channel TommyTv, to be seen on Ziggo at channel 250.

The products are simple and can be ordered directly via the phone, the webshop and via the diversity of Marketplaces like and Amazon. They always have the best price and they have great promotions, like a gift or discount.

The product range of Tommy Teleshopping is changing constantly and becoming more extensive. Like by adding useful products in the different categories like #household #health #fitness #living #sleeping #beauty #kitchen #hobby #garden

Only at Tommy Teleshopping people can order all the original products as seen on tv.


Always surprisingly original

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24/7 on channel 250 at Ziggo

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Onz brands bekend van TV

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